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Made to Move

Cost of Elastification

The advanced winding technology of LYCRA HyFit® fiber provides trouble-free delivery and superior performance for high-speed diaper lines. This innovative fiber requires minimal elastic per unit while offering design versatility and meeting targets for unload force and draft.

Over End Take Off (OETO)

The LYCRA HyFit® fiber package, combined with BTSR creel technology, is designed for OETO and continuous running at high speeds. The ability to eliminate downtime and run each package to the core can provide significant cost savings.


Reduce Downtime

Through a global business relationship with BTSR International S.P.A., we provide the ideal combination of tension controlled unwinding technology and latest generation of fiber. The following are just a few of the benefits that may be achieved:

  • Improved tension control due to patented double-loop technology and the recently developed trio-loop technology
  • Reduction in downtime for cost savings
  • User-friendly, simple installation and maintenance
  • Various options available including a smaller footprint that’s better suited for baby and adult care applications with increasing ends of elastic

Confidence. Comfort. Carefree.

LYCRA HyFit® fiber continues the tradition of providing consumers with a snug, comfortable fit while working to reduce manufacturing costs. In addition, our continuous running technology minimizes downtime.


  • No Surface Contaminants
    • The surface of LYCRA HyFit® fiber is both finish-free and talc-free
  • Excellent Adhesion
    • LYCRA HyFit® fiber is compatible with the broad range of adhesives typically used in the hygiene industry
    • Adhesive suppliers have tested their products with LYCRA HyFit® fiber and can make specific recommendations
  • Broad Product Offering
    • Range of products from 310 dtx to 1520 dtx
    • Various colors are also available (three standard colors: white, blue and green. Eight additional colors — red, black, grey, dark blue, dark green, pink, purple, and macron blue — are now available, with more in development.)
    • Product requests outside this range are welcome


Consistently Strong

We are the inventors of spandex, which is technically described as segmented polyurethane urea. While it appears to be a single filament, in actuality, LYCRA® fiber is a bundle of tiny continuous filaments composed of rigid and flexible segments that are bonded together for built-in, long-lasting elasticity and resistance to breakage. LYCRA® fiber can be stretched up to five times its initial length and spring back to almost its original length when tension is released. LYCRA HyFit® fiber is part of the spandex classification of man-made fibers.

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