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Trademarks and Patents


Safeguarding your investment in our products

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    global trademark filings
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    unique brands & logos
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    patents & applications

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Combatting counterfeits

Trademark infringements are often unintentional and such mistakes can be corrected easily and quickly. But when the situation calls for it, The LYCRA Company works closely with authorities around the world to take legal action and protect the reputation of our brands. If you suspect a product displaying one of our trademarks may be counterfeit, please let us know.


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Why you need a Trademark License Agreement

LYCRA® is a globally registered trademark of The LYCRA Company and is a valuable asset that will be vigorously defended against unauthorized and improper usage that could result in damage to the goodwill associated with our brands.

Trademark Guidelines

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Protecting LYCRA® brand patents

Did you know that most LYCRA® brand fibers and constructions are patented or patent-pending? The LYCRA Company proactively buys and tests spandex (elastane) fabrics and garments from around the world that may infringe upon our patents. When we find infringement, we use all available legal channels to protect our investment in the research and development that created these innovative technology solutions.

For example, our Dual Core fabric patent for denim and wovens, which includes LYCRA® dualFX® technology, is only available from Dual Core authorized mills licensed by The LYCRA Company. Any garment maker, brand or retailer that wants to transform their collections with Dual Core yarns, must buy fabric from our authorized mills.

If you want to avoid purchasing counterfeit Dual Core fabric that may expose your business to legal and financial risk, choose tested and certified Dual Core fabrics that meet the LYCRA® brand’s demanding performance standards.

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